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Teacher Development Programs

Over the years, we have welcomed many groups of teachers interested in professional development over the summer months. Three-week courses can be run in the month of July to teachers looking to develop their skills around English language teaching. Teachers of both elementary and secondary schools, who teach English as a Foreign/International Language or that are working in a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) Program may pursue a training program that improves their English skills, builds confidence, and develops effective strategies that can be applied to their own classrooms. Groups are encouraged to review our sample generic flyers about the program.  

See our flyer for more information and contact Constantine Ioannou, the Program Director, for detailed information.

Our programs are intended for groups and have been developed over the years based on many years of experience working with teachers sent from government agencies in both Europe and Asia. This program will allow teachers from regions around the world to work together on good immersion practices as well as enjoy various social and cultural events with Canadian and international educators. Homestay and city bus transportation included.

Summer Option (July)

Training programs may be offered in the summer for teacher groups. Please contact us for more information by emailing (subject line: TEACHER TRAINING) or contact us at 613-239-0314.

School Year Option (October, November, February, April, May)

Training programs can be offered during the school year for teacher groups of two weeks or longer. The advantage of a program offered during the school year months is that teachers can spend a significant amount of their time placed in schools to observe classes led by Canadian teachers to gain insight into effective teaching practices within and outside of their content areas as well as develop an awareness of the use of natural English in instruction. Individual placement-based programs for teachers may also be available. Please contact us for more information by emailing (subject line: TEACHER TRAINING) or contact us at 613-239-0314.

Courses Available

(Please also ask us about online training options that can be delivered from our own virtual learning platform)

English as an International Language or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Our Teacher Training Program is designed to meet the particular needs of teachers of English as an International Language. Our trainers will help to develop better English fluency and pedagogical effectiveness while developing confidence and promoting the profession. Our training experiences are interactive and highly communicative, led by dynamic and enthusiastic instructors. Our syllabus responds to the many challenges faced by teachers, and incorporates strategies for personal and professional development and collaboration.

English Immersion Teaching or CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

We have had the pleasure of working with many regions around the world to assist teachers in their development of CLIL programs. Content teachers are provided insight into language teaching methodologies and how linguistic-based strategies can be incorporated into their teaching of content. Teachers gain an understanding of language awareness and how this awareness can help them to modify their teaching approaches to allow for language development in learners. Differentiation practices are key to this training program as are the opportunities for teachers to become more comfortable with their use of English in the classroom.

Please contact us for assistance in designing your teacher training program.

Leadership Programs for Teachers, Principals, School Leaders

Training programs have also been delivered for various educational leaders. Lead teachers, principals and vice-principals can participate in programs of one week or more that focus on a variety of topics. Programs of two weeks or more can include a homestay program. Educational Leadership programs focus on current developments in education that can include topics such as: assessment and evaluation strategies, inclusive practices, differentiation, school improvement, deeper learning, special education initiatives, multicultural and global education. For short visits or study tours, hotel and transportation arrangements can also be made with advanced notice and planning time.

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