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Global Classroom Program

School Immersion Experience for Student Groups

The Global Classroom (a school immersion experience for short term students) promotes the integration of international students into Canadian schools and encourages their participation in the daily life of a school, community and family. This educational experience includes an orientation to the school system, regular attendance in Canadian classes of various content areas and other relevant activities. All aspects of this program aim to promote language development in the elementary or secondary school student through an immersion experience. Organized weekend activities are optional. Programs are available in the fall, winter and spring. This is a popular program for school groups accompanied by chaperone teachers.

 To find out more, please contact at 613-239-0314 or at

Who Can Attend

Student groups of Grades 7 and up

Program Features


An immersion program experience can intensify the English language development especially by integrating students into various academic subjects with Canadian peers. Beyond the cultural and social enrichment that students can get by living with a Canadian family and attending a Canadian school, their use of English is deepened across the various content areas of their schooling.

How to Apply

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